Latest News in Eric Suminski Racing


Well, the 2000 race season is finally over at Badger!  I've had a couple of weeks to look back on the season and appreciate all the things that went well and gather a mental checklist of things that I will have to improve in order to reach the top.  Second place isn't all that bad, but, as the saying goes, "second place is the first loser," and I'm not content being a loser.  That aside, this past year at Badger was my most fun year of racing so far.  The competition was stiff and the racing hard, but it was definitely worth every second.

There are no set plans for E.S.R. for 2001, but we will most likely compete in HPV Senior at Badger, provided it gets passed.  You know what that means...PASS IT.  As for now, we are enjoying these weekends off.

For anyone interested, we have a 1998 PCR Jaguar for sale, race ready, with a Two Cycle Technology Yamaha KT100 motor.  Contact Eric for more infomation.


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